Life and Critical Illness Cover

Life insurance cannot compensate for the loss of a loved one but it can provide valuable peace of mind at the most difficult of times. Life insurance and critical illness cover can help to provide vital financial security as it pays out a tax-free cash lump sum. This support removes the financial strains and worries that are so often a consequence of an unexpected life changing event, allowing individuals and their family to focus on coping with the other challenges that may be involved.

Protecting your future and your family

Cover can be arranged for a fixed term or on a whole of life basis* where the benefit will be paid whenever you die. The benefits provided can be paid out as a lump sum or as a monthly income so that your dependents do not have to worry where the money will come from to pay the bills.

Life insurance is very affordable for most.  Fairview Financial will take the time to ascertain your needs and financial circumstances before advising on the best product from the leading insurance providers. We will also be able to recommend the right level of benefits to ensure that your financial commitments are fully covered.

How much cover do I need?

Usually, the main motivations for life insurance is a mortgage, family or business. An example would be, if a couple have a joint mortgage then the life insurance is in place to mirror the mortgage to ensure if one of the borrowers dies, then there is a pay out from the insurer to cover the cost of the outstanding mortgage.  Likewise, if you have children, the life insurance will pay out on death and make sure that the children do not lose out financially as a result (eg daily living standards/education etc).

Despite these requirements, one must also be aware of what is affordable too. Fairview Financial can look into all variations and come up with the right solution every time...


Critical illness cover is more expensive than life insurance but to many it is more important. The cover will ensure that should you suffer from a serious medical condition but not die, you will still receive a pay out. The positive note here is that medical advances mean more people than ever are surviving conditions that might have killed earlier generations.

With Critical (or Serious) Illness Cover, one of these specific illnesses will mean you will receive your tax-free lump sum which can be used any way you like and could be used to cover your living expenses, financial commitments or to help with the extra costs that often result from serious illness, for example:

• Any medical treatment you might need

• Adjustments to your home

• Specialist equipment

• Care services

• Income top up

Also, many critical illness policies now offer cover for children as part of their insurance, meaning that should your children fall critically ill they will be covered under your policy, and you'll receive a lump sum pay-out. It may give you peace of mind to know that both you and your children will be financially covered should the worst happen.

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