Income Protection

Insure against losing your most valuable asset; your ability to earn. An income protection insurance provides a regular tax-free income if you are unable to work because of an accident or illness. It is available to both the employed and the self-employed.

Protecting your INCOME

Unfortunately, accident, injury and illness are all too common and when it happens, it can be tough to cope financially. 

• How would you pay your mortgage and the other usual bills if you lost your income? If you get sick, your employer might still pay you, but how long would that last?

• How long could you live on your savings?

• Would state benefits really be enough to cover all of your bills, and for you and your family to survive?

Income protection insurance offers peace of mind and security as it allows you to insure yourself against loss of income in the future. An income protection policy can be a relatively small outlay given the re-assurance it could offer you. You can use the tax free money to help pay your bills and living expenses until you recover and can return to work.

If you are self-employed, this is a vital policy as you will not receive any support from the state should you not be able to work. Also, if you are employed, you can also take out unemployment cover to further cover yourself in case you lose your job.  At Fairview Financial we will assess your circumstances and recommend the right products that fit your circumstances that fit within your budget and give you maximum cover.

How Much Cover do i need?

If you are employed, then this will depend on your individual circumstances such as savings put aside in case of emergency and also how long your employer will pay sickness pay for i.e. how long you can wait before you need the insurance to start to pay out. 

Likewise, if you are self-employed, then we would take a look at your savings and support and then establish how long you could manage for without cover. The longer the deferred period is, the less the monthly costs will be.

It is worth noting that according to the Centre for Economic and Social Inclusion (CESI), only 43% of employers offer sick pay greater than the minimum statutory requirements. The Fairview Financial recommendation will be based on the quality of cover available as well as the best price.

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