Why Buy Health Insurance?

Health insurance is aimed at all walks of life. Whether you are busy running your own company and do not have time for NHS waiting lists or a cautious individual who would rather have the reassurance of a private consultant or worried about sensitive conditions and would prefer to have your own room, Health Insurance will cater for all of these needs and many more.

Why do you need HEALTH INSURANCE?

Fairview Financial clients buy Health Insurance for the following benefits: 

• Timely access to healthcare

• Prompt referral to a consultant

• Quick admission to hospital

• Treatment at a convenient time

• Choice of healthcare

• Direct care by a consultant - this includes in-patient and day-patient treatment

• Choose where you can get treatment

• Advanced treatment options (such as cancer drugs not funded by the NHS)

• The privacy on an en-suire room and an additional level of comfort

• Post diagnostic treatment

• Outpatient therapies such as physiotherapy

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