What is Health Insurance?

Health Insurance (also known as Private Medical Insurance) is designed so that should you need medical treatment in the future, you may avoid NHS waiting lists and paying for the cost of the treatment.  Depending on the level of cover you have, you may also include quick diagnosis and also access to life-saving cancer drugs.


Once you are covered by Health Insurance, you will typically have a choice of private hospitals from an agreed list provided by your insurer. Most hospitals offer a private en-suite room, TV and a choice of food. In the UK we have we have one of the best healthcare services provided by the NHS, however it is under increasing strain to provide all that is required of it and this has led to increased waiting times as well as delays in receiving prompt diagnosis and treatment.

The main elements included within a Health Insurance policy are:

• Quick diagnosis

• Inpatient and daypatient treatment

• Complimentary Therapies

• Psychiatric Cover

• Dental and Optical options

• Cancer Treatment

but, it is imperative to speak to us at Fairview Financial to ensure you have the maximum cover for potential future conditions. Covering particular conditions is a very important aspect of choosing your policy and this is where Fairview Financial will implement the right underwriting choice for you as well as the highest level of cover based on your budget.

Choosing the Right Policy

There are many variations of each policy and although on the outside, some look similar, we are able to point out the finer details to ensure you are 100% sure of your choice. Please see our Health Insurance Calculator for an idea of prices.

Also, Health Insurance works on an annual renewal (like home and motor insurance) and it will be at this point we will discuss whether you carry on with your insurer or whether we look at continuation options. The annual renewal is an important time with Health Insurance as premiums can go up and they can also go down. This is further affected by individual insurers own policy on increases – some have no-claims discounts and some do not. Both have their benefits and this would be something we would discuss.


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