Group Health Insurance

Fairview Financial can help small to medium sized businesses source the right group Health Insurance scheme for your company by searching across the market on your behalf and tailoring the product to suit your needs.  Group Health Insurance provides the same benefits as individual Health Insurance and you can implement a group Health Insurance scheme from 2 members upwards.

Benefits of group health insurance

There are several significant benefits of group Health Insurance for both the employee and the employer.  For the employer, you may choose the level of cover for your staff and ensure speedy diagnosis, quick treatment and a benefit package that your staff will thoroughly appreciate. Not only does this lead to a valued employee but will also help reduce absenteeism.

An employer should also recognise the reduced premiums and potential tax benefits too for group Health Insurance. The plans often cost less per person due to the shared responsibility of risk, so if a member makes a claim, the increase at renewal can be spread across the policy. Also, group Health Insurance has many tax benefits such as:

• Should you claim the benefits are free of tax

• To the employee they can be classed a taxable benefits

• The monthly or annual premium is a business cost and can be tax deductible

At Fairview Financial, we will look at all of the factors involved, such as budget, group size, local hospital access and recommend the right product for you. Group Health Insurance is an annually renewable product and we will be there every year to make sure you always have the right amount of cover in place. Your staff may also be interested in many of the extra benefits to hospital cover such as dental costs reimbursement, complimentary therapies (such as physiotherapy), international cover if your role requires or psychiatric care too.

With the potential tax efficiency and greater reduction in rates of group Health Insurance matched with the fantastic benefits, this is a policy that small businesses need to consider. Contact Fairview Financial to take a look at all of the options, we have years of experience and know exactly how to find you the best option.

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